A Plethora of Donations-in-Kind

As we restore previously-hidden areas of the Legation, that precious wall space is being taken up with new acquisitions.  Perhaps "acquisitions" is not the precise term: we continue to receive donations-in-kind, and last night's reception at the Legation was a celebration of our latest donors.

TALIM Abensur ApperleySponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Barbara Abensur (originally of Tangier and New Zealand, who now make their home in London, Geneva, and the Côte d'Azur), we lauded them and a number of other donors who have been mentioned recently in this blog.

Joe Abensur, pictured at right with his portrait as an angelic four year old, posed in 1933 for noted British portraitist George Apperley, who died in Tangier in 1960.  Apperley, fleeing mounting turmoil in Spain, had literally just arrived in Tangier when he painted the young Joe Abensur.

This was also an occasion for old friends to meet up; three women from the same Lycée Regnault graduating class found each other after many years.

And generosity begets generosity.  One guest, admiring the Perdicaris "kidnap album" which we recently were given thanks to the J. Paul Getty Jr. Charitable Trust, realized that he possessed a similar treasure from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

So today, in the fastest turnaround in the annals of donations, longtime British Tangier resident Jonathan Dawson presented the Legation with the personal photo album of 19th century British Minister of the Legation in Tangier, Sir Arthur Nicolson (father of Harold Nicolson, himself a legendary "diplomatist" who literally wrote the book on his trade).

There are plenty of fascinating photos in the album, but we leave you with a selection of purely domestic scenes.  Thanks to all our donors – past, present, and future.

TALIM Nicholson - Version 2
Gerald Loftus

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