Abdellah, Ahmed and Mustapha Temili

Library - 1060
Abdellah, Mustapha and Ahmed Temlli (from left to right)

Brothers from the nearby fishing village of Djibila. Abdellah, Ahmed, and Mustapha Temlli have a combined 55 years of work experience with the Legation! Abdellah (with us since 1991) works on the never-ending work of maintaining our masonry, painting, and helping with plumbing and electrical repairs.   Abdellah just became a father for the fifth time last month – and all of his children are sons! Ahmed (with us since 1997) helps with heavy cleaning and carpentry, and especially landscaping and gardening. When visitors admire our jasmine-filled courtyard or our Andalucian window boxes, it’s thanks to Ahmed. Mustapha (with TALIM since 1999), helps with painting, electrical repairs and events organizing, but he is increasingly taking on more responsibilities that include framing the many new items we receive into our collection, as well as the critical work of restoring damaged or mold-tainted paintings, prints, maps, and other rare documents.

Ahmed, Abdellah, and Mustapha chose to be photographed in front of one of the restored doors off the courtyard, beneath the logo of the old legation.