AIMS at MESA: The I. William Zartman North African Award

The American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS) is pleased to announce that it continues its annual awards for student members and for North African-based scholars presenting at MESA. While MESA 2020 may be all-virtual, the disturbances and difficulties placed on our lives by the coronavirus pandemic have not stopped scholars of the Maghrib from showing their enthusiastic presence at MESA, and this year’s I. William Zartman and Jeanne Jeffers Mrad awards underline AIMS’ sustained commitment to North African studies at MESA.

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MESA Annual Meeting

The application deadline for the AIMS Virtual Presentation Awards is August 31, 2020. Applicants must be a current AIMS member and must have been officially accepted to present at MESA (MESA deadline was Feb. 18, 2020).