Calling All QR Readers

TALIM qrcode Childs.comI have the QR app, but I don't have a smart phone to test it.  Maybe you do.

Okay, here it is: Mozilla Firefox offered a nice "add-on" in the form of a gizmo to generate those neat little QR codes from selected text or URLs.  I've been wanting to do this, so that we could link our museum exhibits to related articles on TALIMblog.  All those visitors with smartphones, zapping away at our static displays.  21st century technology in the cause of 18th century history.

Who knows? There might even be a "crowd-sourcing" way to generate mini-donations using this thing.  Don't have a spare $5.00 bill in your pocket or a 50 dirham note handy, but you want to help our worthy cause?  Zap that QR code on our "poor box."  You'll be making more exhibits possible, funding further book acquisitions for our research library, or helping us teach Arabic literacy to the women of Tangier's medina.

So here's my experiment: those of you out there who do have the smartphone ability to scan QR codes, please stick your phone against the screen and ID this QR.  Does it work?  And then write me a Comment on the blog.  You might even want to read the entire post that this – hopefully – will link you to.  Thanks in advance.

Gerald Loftus

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