Save America’s Treasured Legation

Does TALIM pass the SAT* test? *SAT stands for Save America's Treasures, a US National Park Service program which, according to the NPS, "is one of the largest and most successful grant programs for the protection of our nation’s endangered and irreplaceable cultural heritage." TALIM Board members, Fellows, Friends of the Legation, interested citizens, and … Read more Save America’s Treasured Legation

Tangier American Diplomat Among the Righteous?

Photo at left: J. Rives Childs, Chargé d'Affaires, American Legation Tangier, February 1941 – June 1945 (from the collection at TALIM). The following letter is from one of Childs' many books, Vignettes, or Autobiographical Fragments, Vantage Press, 1977. – – – – – – –                                                                                                 Tangier, 13 … Read more Tangier American Diplomat Among the Righteous?