Architectural History of the Legation Now Available on Archnet

TALIM on Archnet
TALIM on Archnet

Section II, “Architectural and Historical Context and Significance” of the of the Historic Structure Report on the American Legation in Tangier, Morocco is now available on Archnet.  You can find it by going to the the page for TALIM and selecting the link above the description labeled “Publication.”

This section of the report explains the historical and architectural significance of the structure, beginning with a general diplomatic history of Tangier. It then provides a functional and architectural history of the Legation building, including the modifications to the building, starting when the United States and Morocco first began negotiations, through the acquisition of Legation in 1821, damage to the property during bombardments of Tangier, expansions by the consul in the 1920s, the role of the Legation during World War II, and finally the conversion into a museum in 1975-1976. Finally it ends with an assessment of the current condition of the property. It is illustrated with historic images and plans.

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Culturally Significant, Symbolically Strategic

According to the Secretary of State, the Tangier American Legation is the preeminent “Culturally Significant Property.” But we symbolize much more: engagement with the Arab, Muslim, and African worlds, starting during the American Revolution.

Legation Pavilion: Endangered National Treasure

  The Tangier American Legation Pavilion; photo by Elizabeth Gill Lui Though it is emblematic of the entire institution, the Pavilion was the last of the historic Legation buildings erected in this collection of structures built around and over pedestrians-only America Street in Tangier's medina.  Here's what Honor Bigelow wrote of the building 80 years … Read more Legation Pavilion: Endangered National Treasure