Enchanting Book On America’s Legation

TALIM Diana Wylie's Enchantment It’s out.  Diana Wylie’s book Enchantment: Pictures From the Tangier American Legation Museum.  And it’s a beauty.  At left, Diana shows me a chapter on Tangier’s International Zone era, from the galley proof of her book.

In the book world, you shouldn’t judge solely by covers.  Not only is Boston University Professor Wylie’s book full of crystal-clear full-color illustrations, but her text is an education about the world’s only living Legation, and its place in the history of American-Moroccan relations.

I say crystal-clear photography, thanks to Spanish photographer Manuel Valdivieso, even down to the unfortunate spots caused by our ultra-high humidity.  And here is the link: Diana Wylie’s book sales will help preserve the very art that it describes so well.  All proceeds will go to the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies, with its museum, research library, conferences, and Arabic language programs.

Diane’s pro-bono labor of love was made possible by the generosity of donors Brett Phaneuf and Gregg Cook of the John Brown Cook Foundation, supplemented by a grant from the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, CAORC.

Until Amazon gets the book in its stock, the only place it will be available will be at the TALIM bookshop.  Sorry, we don’t have mail order.  You’ll have to visit us in the medina of Tangier, where we have been since 1821.

Gerald Loftus

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  1. Looking forward to the release of your book Enchantment as I served as a Marine Security Guard at the Consulate from Nov.58 to Jan. 61. A great experience. The living quarters for the Marine Detachment was the top floor of the Consulate. The article Gem of Tangier brought back many memories for me.

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