Impromptu Art School: Legation Courtyard

TALIM Franck Hommage 1
Just an ordinary Friday afternoon, an hour or so before closing.  What is this – a takeover?  More than a dozen French people, with sketch pads and watercolors, descend on our courtyard.

It's Franck Hommage (seated on chair, far right) and his friends. TALIM Franck Hommage 5

This artist from eastern France (he works largely in Nancy) was enticed to travel to Tangier by some of his fans, and led a group of budding painters, some of whose work is displayed here.

TALIM Franck Hommage 3bThe idea is to make commando style flying visits to picturesque locations.  Tangier has many, and its connection with artists over the years continues to inspire visitors looking for traces of the greats.

We welcome "cultural tourists" like Franck Hommage and his friends, who take the time not only to visit the Legation, but to linger long enough to imbibe of the charm of the place.  Its long history, the stories that happened here over the centuries.

TALIM Franck Hommage 2

Visit the Legation with Franck Hommage, and you'll come away with a self-made souvenir!

Gerald Loftus

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