Just Another International Conference in Tangier

TALIM ICPS Poster 2011 I had to look up "intermediality" when I was invited to this conference, but it's not so difficult.  It's basically the nexus of theatre and performance with other media, including digital.  Plays on the internet.  Touch screens on stage.  Films within a one-woman show.  The sky is the limit for permutations on the theme.

This somewhat esoteric subject has its experts, and many of them gathered in Tangier over the weekend for the annual conference of the International Center for Performance Studies, based here.  ICPS not only hosts an impressive gathering yearly, but does it in English, French, and Arabic – and produces multilingual publications on conference themes and other topics.

All of this is largely due to one man, Dr. Khalid Amine, ICPS President and professor of English at Tangier/Tetouan's Abdelmalek Essaadi University.

Hats off to ICPS and Dr. Khalid Amine for yet another impressive international gathering, all done in a very low-key but professional way.  What does ICPS have in store for us next year – "Performing Tangier" 2012 edition?

Gerald Loftus

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