Lobby for the Legation Day

Future sign outside our door (come while it's still free!).
Actually, today's campaign is officially called Museums Advocacy Day, and it's an annual effort on the part of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), of which, thanks to TALIM Fellow Dr. Carol Malt, we are now members.
Last year, we provided friends of the Legation with a "Lobby-For-the-Legation" grab bag of ideas, some of which were acted upon (our microfilm reader/scanner).  So while you're considering the AAM's list of actions below, don't forget those Legation-specific needs.
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Now, from the American Alliance of Museums:

Advocate from Anywhere

This year, wherever you are, you can use our updated tools and materials to join the nationwide effort to make the case for museums.

  • Speak Up for Museums: Use #museumsadvocacy on Facebook and Twitter and "Like" and "Follow" your legislators

 Gerald Loftus

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