Michael Collyer: Migrant Subjectivities and Crisis Narratives in the Euro-med Region

In this episode, Professor Michael Collyer, a geographer at the University of Sussex tells us about the different narratives people employ when talking about migration and borders. According to French sociologist Abdelmalek Sayad, immigration policy reveals how a state “thinks of itself,” and a lot can be gleaned about Morocco, Collyer says, through understanding how it approaches migrant populations living within its borders. Through discussing different narratives hoisted upon migrants—such as victimization, rebellion and autonomy—Collyer sheds light on the motivations behind changing migration policies both in Morocco, the African Union, the European Union and beyond. The American Legation was pleased to welcome Dr. Collyer on October 9, over a decade after he taught in the Geography Department at Université Abdelmalek Essadi in Tetouan over a decade ago. Sam Metz, a Tangier-based Fulbright Scholar working in migrant communities moderated the event.


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