Mission in Tangier

TALIM  Embassy offsite group photo
"Mission in Tangier" isn't the title of a fifties movie, though it could be.  We're talking about US Mission Morocco.  We've just finished hosting the offsite teambuilding and brainstorming meeting of the leadership of the US Embassy in Rabat over the past two days.

TALIM Dwight BushThe idea of an offsite was that of the new US Ambassador to Morocco, Dwight Bush, who also had the great idea of holding it at the Tangier American Legation.  About to preside over the one of the newest US embassy buildings when it opens in Rabat later this year, Ambassador Bush has been a consistent supporter of the oldest US diplomatic property, the Legation.  And he wanted his staff to get to know the Legation and its importance to the US – Moroccan relationship.

Only 7 weeks into his ambassadorial post, Amb. Bush comes from the private sector, hence his natural reflex to build his team early on.  Inclusiveness was the order of the day – all sections of the Embassy, all agencies represented, American and Moroccan employees alike.  It was impressive to see how everyone pitched in to offer frank, informed opinion on how to move the agenda forward over the next several years.

Though the Legation is not technically part of the US Mission, the Ambassador's move to hold this offsite session here is reflective of his commitment to help bring attention to the Legation – our plight, when it comes to preventing deterioration of the historic structure, but also our potential as a showcase of American diplomacy in the Arab, Muslim, and African worlds since the earliest days of our republic.

A self-confessed history buff, the Ambassador encouraged us to tell lots of Legation tales, and during his interview at the Legation with Médi 1, showed that he is a quick study, leading the TV team through the museum as a knowledgeable guide to the Legation's collection, and highlighting our Arabic women's literacy classes that were in session.  He talked up the Legation to American tourists he met at his hotel breakfast buffet, and was seen chatting up visitors as he walked through the Legation.

Ambassador Bush, thanks for being the best diplomatic advocate for the Legation that we've had in a long time.

Gerald Loftus

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  1. Sounds good. If there is any promoting of US diplomacy through the Legation, it should allow Americans who are with Moroccan spouses to stop by any time to read some of those old books kept in the back of the building. When I was there with my wife, I was told I had to be working on research from a recognized University in order to read the literature there. It was before Ramadan of 2012 while Ambassador Stevens was still alive.

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