Ms. Elena Prentice

Elena Prentice was director of TALMS during most of 1989 and 1990. She is a painter and has exhibited extensively, and her work is in several museums and important collections. She taught at The National Academy of Design in New York after leaving Tangier from 1992 until 1997. In that year, she started spending time again in Tangier until moving back permanently in 2002, when she started the first free newspaper in Morocco written specifically and uniquely in Moroccan Arabic. The newspaper continued for five years and she is now publishing small books in the four languages used regularly in Tangier: French, Spanish, English and Moroccan Arabic. She is very involved in Morocco and has just completed a large work of art for the new Bibliothèque National in Rabat. She has lectured and given seminars on the experience of newspaper and publishing in France, the US, and Morocco. She speaks French and Spanish and some darija.