New Blog Dedicated to Morocco’s Music Recorded by Paul Bowles

TALIM Paul Bowles CD Moroccan music 11623 Donut Proof We are very excited about our latest project: establishing a new blog, "The Music of Morocco by Paul Bowles."  It is still under construction, but readers can already listen to the first podcast.

Readers of TALIMblog's previous posts on the Paul Bowles Centenary will know that TALIM commissioned the digital remastering of Bowles' recordings of Moroccan music, housed at the Library of Congress.  We only await the green light from our Moroccan partners to repatriate this new 72 CD collection at an appropriate ceremony.

In the meantime, thanks to Tangier American teacher, musician, director Oliver White ("Oliver Orion"), we are proceeding with what could be a very laborious process of podcasting selections of the music.  Please bear with us as we navigate the various steps in the process (iTunes, Feedburner, TypePad, etc.) that lead to an MP3 podcast.

Unless someone, that is, gets him or herself a grant to come to Tangier and do this with us!

Our first sample is the "Café Music of Tetuan."  Enjoy, and stay tuned for further additions.

Gerald Loftus

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