New Book Honors TALIM President

Allen James Fromherz, current President of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS) and Nadav Samin, from the Department of History at The Catholic University of America, have edited a volume to honor the life and career Professor Dale F. Eickelman, President of TALIM. Knowledge, Authority and Change in Islamic Societies: Studies in Honor of Dale F. Eickelman includes new research and theoretical perspectives from the Maghrib to the Mashriq. Essays in the volume cover topics as diverse as “Islamic Education in Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century India,” “An Anthropologist’s “Day in (Rabbinical) Court” in Late Ottoman Tripoli,” “The Radicalization of Islam in Germany” and “New Moroccan Publics: Prisons, Cemeteries and Human Remains,” and authors come from multiple academic disciplines. They share in common the fact that they “all have been inspired by Dale Eickelman’s work and supported by his encouraging, curious mind,” Fromherz wrote in an announcement of the publication sent to AIMS members.

The title of the 300-page volume is adapted the titles of two seminal and influential works by Eickelman, Knowledge and Power in Morocco: The Education of a Twentieth-Century Notable, originally published in 1985, and The Middle East and Central Asia: An Anthropological Approach now in its 4th edition. Both works have also been translated into multiple languages.