Performing the Political in Tangier…

05… is not a party political manifesto; rather it is the subtitle of the annual "Performing Tangier" academic conference this year: "Enacting a New Urban: Performing the Political in Tangier."

We are partners with conference organizers ICPS, the International Center for Performance Studies, and disseminate their Call for Papers (CFP) below.  For generalist readers put off by the vocabulary of the performance studies discipline, suffice it to say that the gathering is composed of scholars and practicioners from a wide swath of performance world, stress on world.  It is truly international, and ICPS President Dr. Khalid Amine of Tangier deserves recognition for his ability to carry this off for the better part of a decade.

And it's not all just dry academia: check out that fire-eater in the poster!  TALIM and ICPS collaborated last year in a knockout performance by American actress Dorothy Weems, illustrating what the academics call "site-specific performance."  We again hope to use our historic building – and the two centuries worth of human stories contained in it – to showcase how performance can illustrate history.

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Call for Papers:

“Enacting a new urban: performing the political in Tangier”

1-3 June 2013, Tangier, Morocco

This session aims to explore some of the new urban spatialities
created by Tangier’s emergent performative politics. Inspired by Judith Butler’s (1993: 2) understanding of performativity, we would especially like to draw attention here to ‘‘the re-iterative and citational practices by which [political] discourse produces the effects that it names’’ and in particular, the variety of performative practices and (re)enactments that are today challenging pre-existing socio-spatial categories and boundaries in and around the city. Many of these (re)enactments draw upon (and at once make possible) a far-reaching re-scaling of politics, economics and governance taking place in and around Tangier today – but also novel ways of subverting these same through recitation, reiteration and resignification.

We invite papers that focus on such new political and geopolitical
‘stories’ and their accordant (re)enactments of urban spaces and identities, and seek contributions that engage with topics including, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • Performing/promoting Tangier as an urban commodity

  • The performance of new property regimes and the creation of new spaces
    of ‘economic exception’

  • The border and/in the city

  • Fractioned spaces/fractioned mobilities

  • New urban identities

  • Performing the ‘espace du détroit': new cross-border imaginations

Aff 2013 bisPlease forward expressions of interest and paper proposals/abstracts to:

Dr. Luiza Bialasiewicz

Department of European Studies, University of Amsterdam (brief bio below)

Please note that we will require the following from all presenters:
title, abstract (250 word  max)and a brief bio (one paragraph max). BY JANUARY 31, 2013

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This panel is part of the 9th annual Tangier International Conference,

“Performance in/and the Public Sphere”,  June 1 – 3, 2013, Tangier, Morocco

Full conference info and full CFP (with additional panels) at:

Hosted by the International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS) Tangier

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Luiza Bialasiewicz is Associate Professor in the Department of
European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Before moving to the Netherlands in 2011, she was Senior Lecturer in Political Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London and, prior, Lecturer in Geography at Durham University.

Her work focuses on the political geographies of European integration
and on European borders, with a particular focus on the ‘geographical imaginations’ of European belonging, within and beyond the territorial confines of Europe. Her current research focuses on EU border management and EU geopolitics, looking specifically at the role of third states in the 'out-sourcing' of EU border controls in the Mediterranean, and her most recent book is the edited collection Europe in the World: EU Geopolitics and the Making of European Space,

published by Ashgate in its Critical Geopolitics series.

Partners for International Collaboration and Education (PICE)

George F Roberson, PhD, Chair

Dept of Geosciences, Geography Human Dimensions Research, Univ of


Amherst, Denver, Tangier:

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