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TALIM Medi1Though its studios are in a pleasant old villa in central Tangier, Medi 1's antenna farm in Nador, near the Moroccan-Algerian border, points east (photo, right).  Medi 1 is shorthand for Radio Maghreb International, and its broadcasts in Arabic and French cover a wide audience all across North Africa.

With US presidential elections only weeks away, yesterday's monthly "La Question de l'Heure" program focused on the role of US foreign policy in the 2012 elections, especially prospects for US policy in the Middle East and North Africa.

Host Cyrille Arnoux welcomed American studies Professor Anne Deysine of the University of Paris Nanterre (Paris X) and TALIM director Loftus for a one-hour discussion touching on the respective positions of the candidates on regional policy.  Discussion in the studio was augmented by reports from Medi 1 correspondents in Washington, Jerusalem, and Ramallah.

Medi 1, a commercial Franco-Moroccan radio (and TV) operation founded in 1980, has an impressive editorial team in Tangier, plus a wide range of correspondents or stringers in major capitals in Europe, North America, the Middle East and North Africa.  With its audience of up to 25 million listeners across the Maghreb and Mediterranean Europe, Medi 1 is an important media outlet for the Maghreb.  We were happy to be invited.

You can listen to the 50-minute podcast by clicking here.

TALIM Anne Deysine visit

Anne Deysine & Gerald Loftus at TALIM

Gerald Loftus

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