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TALIM Royal Air Maroc Legation article
For the last couple of months, settle into a Royal Air Maroc airplane seat, reach for the inflight magazine, and you'll see the cover story – the Museums of Tangier.  Featuring, along with our friends the Kasbah Museum, the Tangier American Legation (TALIM) museum.

We are thrilled that RAM, with its six million passengers per year, has featured us in their current cover story.

Another biggie: not only has the 10th edition of Lonely Planet Morocco included a nice para on the Legation and its museum, but we have a whole boxed interview too.

And to think that "local knowledge" at the time of the interview was based on all of a few weeks in Tangier…  Lonely Planet is read by hundreds of thousands of loyal travelers – and we trust that a few more of them will make their way to our door thanks to the great publicity.

Gerald Loftus

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