Charles Sevigny 2018 Visit to the Legation’s Retrospective Exhibit

A rare treasure — in 2018, then-100 years old famed interior designer, Battle of the Bulge veteran, and dear friend Charles Sevigny (1918-2019) revisited the Legation’s retrospective in his honor, which turned into an impromptu tour guided by the artist himself! Film by Ayoub El Jamal, special thanks to Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani for their support with Charles’ unforgettable visit.

Let’s please make this our most shared video ever!

Photographs: Tangier Then and Now

Europeans and Moroccans in front of Bab Dar Dbagh, ca. 1920
Europeans and Moroccans in front of Bab Dar Dbagh, ca. 1920

An exhibition in Rotch Library at MIT in Cambridge MA, features prints made from the glass negatives collection of the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM) in Morocco. The photographs, which have never been exhibited in the United States, date from roughly 1900 to 1930, a period that saw the city of Tangier undergoing a growth that has been unrivaled until recent decades. Not only is Tangier now seeing a radical transformation due to new construction and infrastructure improvements, but there is also a growing emphasis on historic preservation of the built environment. The exhibition highlights that by juxtaposing the older black and white images against more recent photographs of the places depicted.

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