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I know the print in the above image is a bit small (click on picture to enlarge in a pop-up screen).  But what it represents is this: during a long three-week period, ending on 12 December, we had almost no "hits" on TALIM Director's Blog because jinns had taken it over.

Our URL, or, in plain English, "www.talimblog.org," had disappeared.  We resolved that glitch, and now we're back – and how!

What that large spike on the right represents are some 210 hits yesterday, when our "Skydiving in a Hijab" post got picked up by various Facebook pages.  The wonders of social networking, or just plain old networking.

As we head towards 2012, one of our major IT and PR goals is to revamp our lovely, but rather text-heavy, Legation.org website.  We hope to keep what is good, and to make it more representative of what we do, in so many areas: research center, museum, National Historic Landmark, center for teaching Arabic, etc.

Stay tuned, and have a happy holiday season.

Gerald Loftus

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