TALIM Participates in the Parcours des Arts de Tanger with an Exhibit by Fatima Gharbaoui

Women's Market in front of St. Andrews Church

From October 1-31, 2021, cultural institutions and art galleries fill Tangier with beauty with a circuit of visual arts called the “Parcours des Arts de Tanger”. TALIM is one of twelve institutions participating in this, the third edition of the parcours. The Legation’s contribution is a special exhibit by Tangier-based artist Fatima Gharbaoui.

Mme. Gharbaoui is a resident of the Old Medina of Tangier and an alumna of TALIM’s literacy program, which was launched in cooperation with Fondation Tanger Medina in 2001. Her artistic talents were evident in her early calligraphy. Motivated and encouraged by the program, Mme. Gharbaou began depicting the scenes around her. Her work represents daily life in Morocco and, especially, in her hometown of Tangier where she depicts what Tanjaouis see as they walk in the maze of the Old Medina or gaze across the Strait of Gibraltar. 

Fatima Gharbaoui
Fatima Gharbaoui

Ms. Gharbaoui’s ouevre reflects the contrasts between Tangier’s past as a rural area and present as a modern, bustling city.  Her work is also significant for its focus on  women and their importance and crucial role in society. This is the third exhibit of Fatima Gharbaoui that TALIM is proud to host.