Tangier Youmein Creative Media Festival — Firas Hamdan and “Cabaret”

Today’s podcast featuring Jordanian architect Firas Hamdan and Columbia University anthropologist Audi George Bajalia was recorded as part of Tangier’s fourth annual Youmein Creative Media Festival in August, 2018.

Born in Kuwait in 1989, Firas Hamdan lives and works in Amman. Hamdan is a researcher interested in urbanism and in exploring his relationship to different cities. His works focuses on understanding cities beyond their physicality, driven consistently by a curiosity for investigating societal meanings and insignificant events of everyday life.

As part of his writing practice, Hamdan published with 7iber and AlQuds Al-Arabi tackling questions of identity, cultural practices in cities, collective memory and existence. With a major focus on gender-based violence as a cultural practice, recently Firas is conducting his research paper under the title “Representation of Marginalized Masculinities in Egyptian Cinema.” Recently, he showed his ongoing research project “Cabaret” as part of the Youmein festival in Tangier and “C[a]rita,” a programme of artistic interventions in Marrakech curated by the Madrassa Collective as part of the SUPERCOPY festival, after starting this project as part of the SUPERCOPY 2017 Festival curated in Mannheim, Germany.

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