Tarab Tanger 2013

TALIM Tarab Tanger 2013 affiche
Get ready for another Tangier first: next week, at Tarab Tanger 2013, the annual festival of world traditional music will feature a North American group for the first time – Libana, an all-women ensemble based in the US.

In part thanks to a grant from the cultural office at the American Embassy in Rabat, Libana will perform in Tangier, Tetouan, and Rabat, their first tour in Morocco.  Since 1979, Libana has performed in numerous venues throughout North America, and in a number of international concerts.

We are especially happy that Libana is coming to Tarab Tanger, which, among Moroccan music festivals, maintains a better sense of "traditional" in its mix of Moroccan and international performers.  That doesn't mean it is staid: we are also looking forward to another of next week's international acts: "Samurai-Flamenco," an intriguing fusion of Spanish dance with sword by a Japanese performer.

Tarab Tanger: 27 – 30 June, with Libana performing Saturday 29 June at 9:00 PM.

Gerald Loftus

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