Ten Years of “Performing Tangier”

TALIM Performing Tangier 2014 dance
TALIM Performing Tangier 2014 dance

Several other intervening events prevented me from properly congratulating Dr. Khalid Amine and his circle in the International Center for Performance Studies on the tenth edition of “Performing Tangier.”

TALIM Performing Tangier 2014 oud

Anyone who has put on one academic conference knows the preparation that goes into it.  Now think of that done on an international, multilingual scale, ten years in a row, and with publications to boot, all in Tangier.

The Legation’s role in this for 2014 was limited to providing a venue for the launch party, and as you can see from the photo above, the participants got into the swing of things, even though the oud player was properly sedate.

Previous editions of “Performing Tangier” also featured a Legation role, our high point being in 2012 when we did a “site-specific” performance of daughter playing mother at the Legation during wartime Tangier.

And thanks to Khalid Amine and George Roberson for crediting the Legation in the latest edition of their “Performing Tangier” series.  But all congratulations go to them for persevering over the last decade, putting Tangier on the map for drama studies scholars and practitioners from Europe, North America, and Australia.  Happy Tenth, and may there be many more to come!

Gerald Loftus

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  1. Farewell Marie-Helene and Jerry! Thank you for giving such tender loving care to our beautiful old American Legation! Thank you and Dr. Amine for hosting my play about my mother’s WWII sojourn in Tangier, “Miss Wolfe’s Tangier Stories!” You have all done so much!

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