The Chickasaw Princess of Tangier

TALIM Dougie VignetteThis is a story with, as they say in French films, a "Appy End."  It could have been otherwise.

But before we go any further, let us wish Laurie "Dougie" Harbach, who lived for a number of years as an American expatriate in Tangier, a very happy 100th birthday.  Today she's safely back home in Oklahoma, thanks to the help of two Swiss gentlemen who came to her aid.

"Dougie," as she is known to her friends in Tangier, was a "Powers Girl" model with the John Roberts Powers agency in the mid-Twentieth century.  She graced the covers of Vogue, Modern Photography, Modern Romances, and other magazines, many of which have disappeared from circulation.  Fashion photographer George Platt Lynes featured the beautiful model along with his male nudes, and Dougie was quoted as saying that their affair was complicated: "He didn't want his boyfriend making passes at his girlfriend."

TALIM Dougie JFKDougie, who later married TV producer William Harbach, traveled in privileged circles in her early life.  Her photo albums show Gatsby-like mansions on Long Island, skiing in the French Alps, and cover-girl spreads in exotic locations.  She modelled for legendary couturier Charles James.

On the back of a faded picture of then-US Navy Lt. John F. Kennedy, she writes "Florida, 1944, JFK, 27 yrs., I took picture."

But our point here is not to dwell on the glamorous young Dougie, who appears to have had a relatively sybaritic existence.  Later, when she settled in Tangier, the good life continued in the International Zone's expat community, with Dougie appearing at American School of Tangier theatre productions by Headmaster Joe McPhillips; longtime Tangier American resident Blanca Hamri remembers Dougie as "always elegant, never a snob, and never a negative word said about anyone."

TALIM Dougie Pinup

In recent years Dougie, by then in her late nineties and beset with health and financial problems, got out less, and visitors were less frequent; her downtown Tangier apartment had scores of steps and no elevator.  Sometime last year, Swiss residents of Tangier, philanthropists Jean-Marc Maillard, Honorary Consul General of Morocco in Switzerland, and his partner Jean-Daniel Polier, took action.  They spent time with Dougie, got to know her story.  Looked for help in the obvious places – family members, US Embassy, even seeing if her previous marriage to someone who was Jewish might qualify her for admission to Tangier's retirement home (the answer was no).

And then, the miraculous: paging through her star-studded photo albums, Jean-Marc Maillard marvelled, "you were a princess."  Dougie's rejoinder; "I am a Princess."  A Chickasaw princess, as it happens, granddaughter of Douglas Johnston, the first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation after Indian Territory became the state of Oklahoma.  Among her books in Tangier: "A Chickasaw Dictionary," published by the Chickasaw Nation and compiled by her grandfather's friend.

Now, you can be an American citizen, living overseas, and get into medical and/or financial trouble, and good luck to you.  Without family resources back home, and with things like Medicare stopping at the border, there is not a lot that the US Government can do beyond ensuring that your Social Security check is paid.  Even if a destitute overseas American retiree were to return back to the States, then what?  Medicaid?  That would depend on their state, and many have been cutting that aid for the neediest.

But not the Chickasaw Nation, which

considers its elders “living treasures” and works hard to provide for them the best service and care possible. The tribe remains devoted to the health and well-being of its elders by offering programs and services which are focused on all aspects of their lives.

So, here's to a "living treasure," Laurie "Dougie" Harbach, back in the Chickasaw Nation on her 100th birthday.  We raise our glasses to you,  Dougie Harbach.

Pisa chukma – her Chickasaw dictionary says it means "beautiful."

TALIM Dougie 2001

Gerald Loftus

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  1. I have previously left a message and it was taken down (unknown by current or previous director) I guess that’s how they do it at um, what is it, um…TALM, which is just a museum, but THE ONLY US NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK in a foreign country. I will now change up my message that was previously left, which was speaking delightful words about Ms. Harbach, who I see on a weekly basis. I did read up about this particular museum and knowing that there is a… cloud exhibit, it may be nice to put up something in regards to this woman that and I believe, Jerry wrote and knowing that she had many vintage pictures due to settling in Tangier’s International Zone’s expat community and appearing at the American School of Tangier with headmaster Joe McPhillips so, it just may just be a nice gesture. Also, don’t forget it was people from the Chickasaw Nation that got this woman where she is today and I will give you some more information we also write about our “Chickasaw Princess” being back in Oklahoma and have graciously thanked her personally for giving us our Chickasaw White House that we cherish and celebrate many times a year that still stands tall.

  2. Happy Birthday, Dougie. You are such a good, sensitive, and charming person. Thank you, Jerry, for the tribute. I’m sure it will touch the hearts of many. It’s a service to us all to have Dougie better known. We have lessons to learn from her life.

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