Upcoming Events at TALIM

Tuesday, February 23 at Thursday, at 4:00 p.m.: Talk by Vincent Hoyer : “La Vie Passionnante de l’Astronome Galileo Galilei”

Vincent Hoyer, a retired teacher from Tangier’s Ecole Berchet, will speak in French about the astronomer Galileo. Tanger Accueil is sponsoring M. Hoyer’s lecture.

garywardandbandFebruary 25th at 7:30 p.m.: Gary Ward Band Concert: A History of Popular Music in the UK and the US.

Starting pre-20th century, folk songs were regularly sung all over the US and UK. These songs were adapted in many ways to fit the music of other genres which were emerging around the turn of the 20th Century, eg. jazz, blues, gospel, followed by the big bands of the 20s-40s, and leading into rhythm and blues, rock and roll. This was followed by the mass explosion of new musical genres which emerged in the 1960s right through to the current day. The show will explore each musical genre through the decades using electric guitar, electric bass and a drum set. The Tangier American Language Center is sponsoring the concert. Free admission

IMG_6963Tuesday, March 1, 11 a.m. (note time change from previous announcement): Lecture and Book Signing by Thione Niang.

Thione Niang is Senegalese-American entrepreneur and author and a partner in singer Akon’s ”Lighting Africa” Initiative. Mr Niang is a US Department of Energy Ambassador for Minority Initiatives as well as a mentor, political activist, community leader, international motivational speaker and consultant. Named by Complex Magazine as one of the 10 Young Activists Who Are Changing The World in March 2013, Thione’s personal journey is a testament to the power of dreaming big. Raised in a humble family of 28 in Senegal, Thione arrived in the United States in July 2000 with $20 in his pocket, no family, and very limited English. He worked as a busboy and sent money to family back home, while saving to eventually earn a college degree. Eager to give back to the country that provided unlimited opportunity, Thione became engaged in politics while in college in Ohio. A natural leader, Thione served as the Chair of the Cuyahoga County Young Democrats and other leadership positions for the Young Democrats of America. Mr. Niang’s talk will be in English and French.

Monday, March 21 at 4.pm. Talk and Poetry Reading by Tangier Poet Rachida Madani.

Renowned Tangier Poet Rachida Madani received a bilingual education in French and Arabic. Her first collection of poetry, Femme Je Suis, was published in France in 1981 by les inéditions Barbare. Her second collection, Contes d’un Tête Tranchée, was written between 1981 and 1984, and was published in Morocco in 2001 by Les Editions Al-Forkane. Blessures au Vent, a volume comprising both of her earlier collections, was published in Paris by Les Editions de la Différence in 2006, along with Madani’s first novel, L’Histoire Peut Attendre. Ms. Madani’s talk will be in French and is sponsored by Tanger Accueil.

Thursday April 7, 9:30-1:30: TALIM turns 40: A Celebration of the Tangier American Legation.

To celebrate 40 years since the founding of the Tangier American Institute for Moroccan Studies, we will host a conference highlighting key events in both the Legation’s and TALIM’s history. That evening, we will host a benefit cocktail reception as well. While for the conference admission will be free, we would welcome, if you wish, a donation of 400 dhs to attend the benefit cocktail (details of both events to follow separately in mid-March).

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