Visit Tangier, Send $ to Tucson

TALIM AIMS Poster_VERSION2f We like the new TALIM poster, which made its debut at the AIMS booth at MESA last week in San Diego.  It has a nice '30s travel touch.

Yes, we do hope you visit Tangier and TALIM.  You can experience the '30s – both the 1930s and the 1830s.  The Legation has seen it all.

If you can't yet make it to Tangier, you can still help us carry out our programs in women's literacy, in scholarly research, and in historical preservation.

Dollar-denominated checks qualify for US tax-deductible status, and can be sent to:

Dr. Kerry Adams, Executive Director
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University of Arizona
845 North Park Avenue
Marshall Building, Room 470
PO Box 210158B
Tucson, AZ 85721-0185 USATALIM Poor box takings 1

Checks should be made out to TALIM.  It's not that we don't want your money in Tangier, but we are used to dealing in cash.  The "poor box" variety (contents pictured here).

Send a $100 check, and Dr. Adams will send you a copy of Enchantment.  What a deal!

Gerald Loftus

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