Wish List Brings Results


Thanks to the generosity of donors Renee Payne, James Henkel, and Caitlyn Olsen, we have just received five of our eleven Amazon Wish List titles for our research library.  We now have:

– "The Reichmanns," which provides a wealth of information on Tangier during World War II as a haven for Jewish refugees from the Holocaust.

"Prince Among Slaves," involving a case of mistaken identity, where a Muslim prince is emancipated from slavery, thanks to the interest expressed by the Sultan of Morocco.

– "The Architecture and Memory of the Minority Quarter in the Muslim Mediterranean City," especially longtime Legation scholar Susan Gilson Miller's chapter on our neighborhood, Beni Ider.

– "The Time In Between" by Maria Duenas, which, hinting at its content, is entitled "L'Espionne de Tanger" in French.  Picture of Tangier during the interwar period.

– "Tangier: A Literary Guide for Travellers," Josh Shoemake's new look, street by street, quarter by quarter, at Tangier's rich literary past.

Though these five books are but a beginning – and we'll add more – they show that our community of researchers (Caitlyn Olsen conducted part of her Fulbright year at TALIM and wrote us a nice guest post on Moroccans in the Spanish Civil War, and we hope to carry another in the near future from Renee Payne, researching her uncle's story, a former Tangier schoolteacher shot by Germans as a Resistance fighter in wartime France) and visitors (James Henkel, who has a soft spot for books and for "storied port cities" – combined in his Valparaiso, Chile bookstore).

As always, TALIM is greatly appreciative of all the help given by our fan club, whether it is of books (former TALIM President Bill Zartman has just sent us another chunk of his voluminous North Africa-centered personal collection), of money, or of their time and effort.  Thanks to all and Happy New Year.

Gerald Loftus

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