Deputy Director:Yhtimad Bouziane

Associate Director, Yhtimad Bouziane

My name is Yhtimad Bouziane, and I am Associate Director, coordinating academic research and community outreach activities. I joined TALIM in 2000 and am from Tangier.   I studied at university in France, and I am preparing my PHD in Tangier on the  « Universality of Human Rights. »  From a very young age, I have been attracted by the museum world, the world of art, culture, and heritage. I feel fortunate to work at the Legation.

TALIM is a cultural mosaic where the Museum, the Research Center, the Library and our literacy classes function alongside each other daily.  Upon entering the Museum, American and Moroccan flags welcome us and invite us to discover the history of the Morocco – American relationship along with the history of Tangier, its artists, its writers and their love for this city.  TALIM is a place rich in knowledge where the architecture of the building itself reminds us of the cosmopolitanism of the Medina tracing both the history of Tangier and the coexistence of cultures and religions that promote respect and tolerance.

It is here, at the legation where you can experience the eternal myth of Tangier.
I chose this picture because it is the heart of the Museum where we host concerts, plays, and seminars. The mirrors reflect images, voices, and sounds, and tell us that TALIM is a place that lives.   From here you can hear the beating of the Legation’s heart.

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