Zohra, As She Was: Photos From the Fifties

TALIM Zohra McBey studio
Zohra in 1952, posing at El Foulk for James McBey (photo courtesy John Dickson Photography)

Ah, don't we love the infinite possibilities of linking up with people offered by TALIMblog.  The most recent example:

I am one of James and Marguerite McBey's nieces. I happened on your blog about Zohra. It is lovely.  My mother, two sisters and I spent the summer of 1956 living next door to Marguerite and James in Gazebo, Marguerite's mother's house.  As you can imagine, it was a memorable experience. We knew Zohra and her family. I am most interested to learn that Zohra has children living in the US. Can you by any chance put us in touch with them?
Fast forward, and the McBey nieces have been in touch with Zohra's US family, thanks to relatives here in Morocco.  Small world, getting smaller.
Here are the girls, pictured with Zohra (in the flowered dress) at El Foulk, the McBey home on the Old Mountain outside Tangier, in 1956.  Again, many thanks to the McBey nieces Barbara, Joan, and Katie, and to John Dickson, whose Morocco portfolio contains many beautiful images of Tangier and some rarely seen interiors of El Foulk.
TALIM Zohra McBey family
Gerald Loftus

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  1. I appreciated really the pictures.. I’m very interested, too, about Zohra.. and the famous “ZohraLiza” of james Mcbey..
    I want really know if Zohra is still a live? and how can i get in touch with here?
    I’m writing now a novel about it called “ZohraLiza”.. it’s the first interactive novel written in Facebooj, chapter by chapter.. with 3200 readers..almost.
    Can any one help me?
    Abdelouahid stitou/ Writer
    Redactor in chief of Marigha.com
    Link to ZOHRALIZA Novel :

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