Artist Hervé Creates an Impression

With his distinctive style which works particularly well with architecture and landscapes, Assilah-based artist Hervé Metterie makes an impression on any wall.  When you multiply that by more than 60 works unveiled today at the Legation, you have added instant dash of color to what can seem a monochrome institution.

TALIM Herve American StepsHervé, who contributed one of his works to our permanent collection – a view of "the American Steps" (right) which lead to the Legation – as part of last year's "Paint the Legation" fundraiser, concentrates on cityscapes, or perhaps medinascapes.

While we winced at the temporary displacement of some of our permanent collection, this injection of bright color is welcome too.

Hervé's bio speaks of his previous professional background in designing textiles for furnishings and home decoration, and classifies his work as naive art, influenced by Fauvism.  "And how could I resist being influenced by Moroccan colors and architecture?" he asks.  His adopted Assilah, with its lively art and cultural scene, is home to a rich variety of Moroccan and expatriate artists.

Hervé's works will remain on display at TALIM's museum through October 6.

TALIM Herve arcades

Gerald Loftus

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