Moulay Hafid Palace: 100 Years Young


TALIM Palais Moulay Hafid

The restored Moulay Hafid Palace

1912 – 2012 and the centenary of the establishment of protectorate Morocco has had its occasional magazine article, but so far I haven't seen any mention of the 100th birthday of what has been called Tangier's most beautiful building. 

Moulay Hafid Palace, also known locally as the Palais des Institutions Italiennes, was actually never lived in by its namesake.  It has had a long association with Italy, and today also serves as a prime cultural venue, notably for the annual TANJAzz Festival which kicks off this week.


Gerald Loftus


2 thoughts on “Moulay Hafid Palace: 100 Years Young”

  1. I hope you managed to visit this magnificent Italian owned complex ?
    I attended the one time Scuola Italiana di Tangeri there between 1944 and 1946
    Happy memories !

  2. I am aware of cultural events held at the palace, but would like to know if it’s open to the public to visit otherwise. I will be visiting Tangier later in the year and would love the opportunity to visit this beautiful building. Any information regarding this would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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