From Syria to Tangier

Tangier has its Syrian mosque, with its own Facebook page. It has its Syrian quarter.  Google it, and you'll get a page full of real estate ads.  In Tangier, the quartier Syrien is a solidly middle class collection of villas built on slopes. Why "Syrian?"  Because in the 1960s, a wave of Syrian exiles found … Read more From Syria to Tangier

Arabs Studying America

To be precise, it's actually Moroccans studying the Moroccan-American relationship, through history, in the present, and into the future.  That's what the Morocan American Studies Lab is about, part of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities at Hassan II University, Casablanca (Ben M'Sik).   Students & Faculty of the Moroccan American Studies Lab Ben M'Sik … Read more Arabs Studying America

UPM, UMA: Mediterranean Dialogues, Post-Arab Spring

  That white sea in the middle, as the Med is known in Arabic, has for millenia been the scene of strategic juggling.  So it was particularly helpful to have as erudite an analyst as Dr. Bichara Khader of Belgium's UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) as the latest speaker at Tangier HEM's Université Citoyenne.  Khader, … Read more UPM, UMA: Mediterranean Dialogues, Post-Arab Spring

1992-2012, Algeria-Morocco: Political Islam(s)

  On a January night 20 years ago this month, tanks were rolling down the Avenue de A.L.N in Oran.  At first I was simply concerned that they would knock down our venerable building by mistake when one of them stopped to make a U-turn in front of the American Consulate, where we lived. Then … Read more 1992-2012, Algeria-Morocco: Political Islam(s)

Deep Education: Olmstead Scholars Learn More Than Arabic

"To provide outstanding young military leaders an unsurpassed opportunity to achieve fluency in a foreign language, pursue graduate study at an overseas university, and acquire an in depth understanding of foreign cultures, thereby further equipping them to serve in positions of great responsibility as senior leaders in the United States Armed Forces." The Olmstead Scholarship … Read more Deep Education: Olmstead Scholars Learn More Than Arabic

The Last of the Maghribi Grantees?

Algerian scholars Amina Leghima and Lila Chabane, 2011 AIMS Maghribi Grantees at TALIM's Ambassador Joseph Verner Reed Library I hope not; I hope this is not the end of a small, effective scholarship program.  I hope that someone in a position to do something – say a senior US Government Executive Branch official – will … Read more The Last of the Maghribi Grantees?