Invitation to Youmein Festival

Tanger Evénements Ouvert au Public Our first event open to the public will be at the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM), on August 26th at 12pm! Please join us for a roundtable panel and discussion on the themes of Al Barzakh and Les Limbes, moderated by George Bajalia (Artistic Director, Borderline Theater … Read more Invitation to Youmein Festival

Islam, America, and Anouar Majid

  TALIM hosted Dr. Anouar Majid of the University of New England, back in his native Tangier to move forward his plan to establish a UNE center in the city. For the very respectable Friday evening crowd of academics, students, and bookworms, Dr. Majid provided a summary of his latest book: Islam and America: Building … Read more Islam, America, and Anouar Majid

1992-2012, Algeria-Morocco: Political Islam(s)

  On a January night 20 years ago this month, tanks were rolling down the Avenue de A.L.N in Oran.  At first I was simply concerned that they would knock down our venerable building by mistake when one of them stopped to make a U-turn in front of the American Consulate, where we lived. Then … Read more 1992-2012, Algeria-Morocco: Political Islam(s)

Let It Rain, On Morocco

From "Précipitations Annuelles," dry month map inset at TALIM research library, from the colonial era Institut Scientifique Chérifien The Scientific American picked up Reuters' article from today "Morocco prays for rain for first time since 2007." Now, I don't think that my prayers for dry weather last fall, when the Embassy contractor started our latest … Read more Let It Rain, On Morocco

Moroccan Christmas in a Holy Town: Moulay Idriss

Bordj Nord in fog, Christmas Eve Fez, 2011 "Christmas in Fez!" was already taken as the title to a blog post by another American last year.  In any case, for us it was Christmas Eve in Fez, and Christmas day at the Roman ruins of Volubilis, then on to Moulay Idriss, a sacred destination. Above, … Read more Moroccan Christmas in a Holy Town: Moulay Idriss