Historic Fixer Upper Job Open June 2014


TALIM Pavilion walkway

Legation Pavilion by Christiane Delongueville

Note: this seems odd – announcing my own job opening – but why not?  What follows below is the official announcement of the job that I will be vacating in June 2014, which will have been four years since starting in summer 2010.  While the text does mention "tending to the maintenance of the building," that understatement is shorthand for spending considerable TALIM Hammer & nailhours of every day dealing with all of the troubles that an almost two-century old building (or array of buildings) can develop.

A former ambassador and good friend, when she saw the range of activities involved in this job – and using US Embassy terminology – said "Jerry, this is a combination of GSO and PAO" (General Services Officer & Public Affairs Officer).  Translation: you do all the nice cultural events and educational exchange things, along with the coordination of gardeners and maintenance staff.

So in addition to all the good regional experience and language skills, the sense of outreach (and reaching into donors' pockets!), and the multifunctional or interdisciplinary "cultural diplomacy" approach of the ideal candidate, applicants for this job should be ready to welcome the sound of hammers as a sign of progress, and to scale down expectations on the speed of accomplishing even the most urgent projects.  But accomplishments are nevertheless sweet to behold, and this gem of a historic building is too important to let succumb to the elements.

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TALIM Resident Director position available June 2014

The Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM), located in the only US National Historic Landmark outside the United States and the site of the American Overseas Research Center of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS) in Tangier, Morocco, invites applications for the position of Resident Director.  TALIM is housed in a spacious historic building in the Tangier medina, given as a gift to the US in 1821. It functions as a museum, research library, conference facility, and community center, and hosts a language program.  TALIM’s director serves as liaison between American and Moroccan scholars and administers AIMS grants and programs in Morocco, and also cooperates with other AIMS centers in North Africa.  The Director needs to act in a representational capacity in Morocco and abroad, to conserve and operate a historic building, to activate and direct community outreach programs, to fund raise, and to interact effectively with the international academic community.

The Resident Director shall have a sufficient understanding of US embassy operations to interact with the US Embassy on matters of visitor and representational programs, grant opportunities, maintenance, and other issues. TALIM is supported by private contributions and by AIMS; maintenance of the building is funded by the US Embassy in Morocco and tended by the Director. The Director supervises a staff of an associate director and librarian, curator, admin assistant, Arabic literacy teacher, and 3 maintenance men, and is responsible to a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee centered in Washington. The successful applicant should have academic and management skills related to the Maghrib and be fluent in English and French. Arabic is highly desirable.

Salary is low and the applicant should have a comfortable retirement package already in hand as the position does not provide pension or medical benefits. Housing is provided without cost in the Legation. Travel to Board meetings in Washington D.C. is paid twice a year. Please send a statement of interest and qualifications and a current CV to diane@dianeponasik.com, TALIM secretary. The position is open as of June 2014.  Review begins on 9 October, 2013. Applications should be submitted by 30 September 2013, but will continue to be accepted until the position is filled.   TALIM is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and has a strong commitment to diversity.

Gerald Loftus

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